Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jharana Bajracharya's biography:

Jharana Bajracharya Rashid is a Nepali model-turned-film actress. She was crowned Miss Nepal in 1997, at the age of sixteen. Winner of Miss Nepal 1997 were she was placed as 1sr runner up and was the 1st Miss Nepal to participate in Miss World.
Early Beginning:
She started her journey in the Nepali entertainment field after being crowned Miss World Nepal in 1997 at the age of 16 and represented Nepal in Miss World contest held at Baie Lazare, Seychelles on November 22, 1997. Jharana Bajracharya, made her debut in Hatiyar playing a second fiddle to the leading lady Karishma Manandhar co-starring opposite Rajesh Hamal.
On 6 October 2007, Jharana Bajracharya got engaged to North American Citizen Karar Hill in private ceremony in Kathmandu.

Secret Engagement:
On the 6th October 2007, on the auspicious day of Ghatasthapana, Jharana Bajracharya got engaged to North American Citizen Karar Hill in Kathmandu. The engagement was heavily barred from the media and it was only few days later that media and the public realised of the happening. However, photos and videos were distributed to various blogging sites and national dailypapers in Nepal. She has said that she will not work in any more Nepali films and that she will be flying to the India within a week of the engagement. Karar is believed to be eight years older than Jharana Bajracharya.
Present career:
After starring in Parenni Maya Jalaima which won the best story award at the Nepali Film Aawrds, Jharana promptly made her way into Mumbai to involve herself in many projects such as modelling for Sony Ericsson and Bajaj Pulsar. Jharana Bajracharya last made her appearance at Reading in London on 7th January 2007 for the Tamudhee Lhosar show. It was there she revealed that she has been in Mumbai for the last couple months and that she is struggling in act in Bollywood movies again. Her last Nepali film was Sanjeevani which was filmed in Sikkim. She has also been nominated for the Best Actress category for this years Nepali film awards due to be held on 20th of April. Jharana Bajracharya appeared at the Fem Botanica KTV film awards on October 2008 where she performed with Alok Nembang on several songs. In the various interviews which she gave Jharana stated that she does not fit in the trend of film making in Nepal and that she is waiting for something inspiring in order for her to make her next move in life.

Brand Ambassador:
Jharana Bajracharya appeared as the Nepali brand ambassador for Lux soap in 2003, however since then she has not appeared in any TV advertisements so far. She also teamed up with Nepali hero Rajesh Hamal to be the brand ambassador for 2pm Noodles. She appeared in a TV advertisement which showcased her in a Nepali outfit purchasing the item. Jharana, is also one of the brand ambassador for Muna chiya (tea) in Nepal appearing in many billboards located around Kathmandu.

Jharana Bajracharya has appeared on many music videos and is also one of the highest paid music video model in Nepal. There was a rumor that she received Rupees 40,000 for her appearance on Kamal Man Singhs video Mero Maya. She started her journey as a model by appearing first in Nabin Bhattarai's song Lakhau Patak. One of the most played music video she has appeared in is Dubna Deu by Anil Singh. The video was directed by Alok Nembang and he considers it his best work so far. She appeared in Prakash Gurungs music video 'Binti Cha Hai' which was very popular amongst middle-aged Nepalis. 'Binti Cha Hai' was filmed in Jomsom and upper Mustang which offers panoramic views of the mountains. She appears mostly in ethnic Nepali clothes and dresses. Since then she has managed to appear in more than a dozen music videos directed by mostly Alok Nembang etc.
Music video appearances:
2006: "Priye Timi" by Bijay Adhikari.
2006: "Tapowan" by Jagdish.
2007: "Dubna Deu" by Anil Singh.
2007: "Tum Sang Remix" (Hindi Song).
2007: "Binti cha hai" by Prakash Gurung (Gurung Song).
2004: "Dubna Deu Malai" by Anil Singh.

1997 - Hatiyar
1998 - Bhuttukai Bhaye Ni
2001 - Badal Paree
2001 - Siudo Ko Sindoor
2002 - Anjuli
2002 - Bhai Tika
2003 - Maya Garchu Ma
2003 - Chahanchu Ma Timilai
2004 - Love in Nepal (Hindi )
2004 - Parenni Maya Jalaima
2004 - Sanjeevani
2005 - Pheri Arko Saino
2009 - Kohi Mero